RDSA is organized to facilitate a flexible and effective response to client needs while holding corporate overhead to a minimum. Our staff consists of a roster of more than 30 Senior Associates who have accumulated years of experience working in or consulting to the aviation industry or serving as functional experts.

These professionals provide a broad range of expertise and experience in almost all aspects of the aviation industry and have demonstrated an ability to apply their experience in the satisfaction of diverse client requirements. Senior Associates are selected for project teams by matching their qualifications and experience with the expertise and role required by the client.

The company is managed by its President, Richard J. Morris. Business development responsibility is shared with Executive Vice President John L. Conte. Both officers play an active role in the management of consulting assignments and are directly involved in providing value to our clients.

In addition to our own expertise, we often engage technical specialists from other companies to assist in our assignments when their contribution would be of value to our clients.