R. Dixon Speas Associates was formed in 1997 as the successor firm to PRC Aviation when Arthur D. Little, the international management and technology consulting firm, acquired the assets of the former company. In January of 2000, RDSA was spun off from Arthur D. Little and became a separate and independent company.

The company traces its roots to the original R. Dixon Speas Associates that was founded in 1951 by MIT alumnus Dixon Speas after initiating his career at American Airlines. Mr. Speas, who was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award by The Wings Club in 1997, led this company and others prior to establishing PRC Aviation in 1984. When he finally accepted permanent retirement in 1997, Mr. Speas found a new home for his company, with its name restored to reflect its legacy, as noted above.

RDSA today continues the firm’s tradition of excellence in aviation consulting and service to its clients with the same capable staff of Senior Associates, many of whom have worked with the firm for a decade or more. New staff who satisfy our criteria of expertise and experience are added as required.

We ensure the quality of our work through the skills and expertise of our project managers, the years of experience of our project staff, our approach to project management and organization, and the maintenance of close relationships with the client during the completion of the assignment.

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