Our experience and credentials are important indicators of our ability to complete a variety of different assignments and respond to diverse challenges. Our credentials also verify our reliability and dependability in completing successfully the assignments that we undertake. In this respect, we have proven time and time again that we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

The assignments carried out by R. Dixon Speas Associates range from market studies and strategy development to maintenance improvement and safety audits. The projects described below are typical of the assignments we have completed on behalf of clients during the last few years:

Safety Audits

  • Conducted a comprehensive industrial safety audit of ground handling and maintenance operations for a major airline.

  • Conducted a comprehensive operations and maintenance safety audit of a major airline covering all aspects of the airline’s operations on behalf of the Chairman and CEO to ensure that all internal and externally mandated procedures were being followed and that the airline was meeting or exceeding safety requirements.

  • Conducted a system-wide maintenance and operations safety audit of a regional airline after separate companies had been merged into a single operation to ensure compliance with the newly-established common procedures.

  • Conducted an operations and maintenance safety audit of a business aircraft operator’s corporate aviation department involving both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

  • Conducted an operations and maintenance safety audit of a large petroleum company’s corporate aviation department involving a variety of rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft employed in various functions, including employee and cargo transport, air ambulance services, aerial inspection and security, at several locations.

  • Conducted an operations and maintenance safety audit of an air medical service involving both rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft located at a central base as well as several remote bases.

Compliance Audits

  • Conducted a pre-NASIP audit of a maintenance organization’s principal commercial aircraft maintenance facility, using the FAA NASIP checklist as a guide, to detect any situations requiring attention prior to a scheduled FAA NASIP audit and to recommend best practices.

Operations Improvement

  • Assisted a major airline to redesign the airport operations control center at its major hub. Worked with airline staff to develop detailed procedures for coordinating all airport activities under the control of the airline. Also helped create a training program for each position in the center for both normal and irregular operations.

  • Reviewed and analyzed line maintenance staffing and scheduling at the principal hub of a major airline and compared it with the practices of other carriers, leading to recommendations to increase staff productivity and improve dispatch reliability.

Maintenance Management

  • Assisted the operator of a large helicopter fleet to improve the productivity and efficiency of its maintenance operations. Analyzed processes and procedures; identified bottlenecks, inefficiencies and constraints; determined root causes of problems; developed solutions and prepared a plan for implementing solutions.

  • Provided interim maintenance management personnel to a US national airline while the airline conducted a search for permanent staff.

  • Analyzed aircraft maintenance experience, particularly at the hub of a major airline, to determine why so many aircraft were being taken out of service for unscheduled maintenance. Recommended changes in maintenance and engineering procedures and policies to resolve problems and reduce frequency of aircraft substitution.

  • Assisted a US national airline to restructure its maintenance operations control center to interact more effectively on a real-time basis with the systems operations center. Revised and updated the maintenance control center processes and manual to reflect changes in the structure, organization and operating procedures.

  • Assisted a US national airline to reestablish its maintenance function and recover its operating certificate after it had been surrendered following the loss of an aircraft. Managed each maintenance facility for three months as it came back on line to ensure adherence to required safety and operating procedures.

  • Conducted a comprehensive review of the maintenance organization of a charter operator with the objective of re-engineering and staffing the organization to improve its support of a fleet of approximately 30 managed aircraft.

Manuals and Procedures

  • Assisted a US national airline to develop and implement an ETOPS program to permit operating newly-acquired B767 aircraft on trans-oceanic routes, including training of maintenance and flight operations personnel in the new procedures, obtaining FAA approval, and monitoring initial operations.

  • Provided assistance in development of manuals and procedures, specification of facilities and training of personnel to enable a European maintenance organization to obtain certification as an FAA-approved Part 145 foreign repair station.

  • Prepared policies, procedures and documentation for maintenance and operations manuals for a fixed base operator as required to obtain a Part 135 certificate.

  • Prepared a FAR 145 Repair Station manual for a state government agency in accordance with new FAA guidance.

Strategy Development

  • Reviewed the air transportation requirements of a Fortune 100 business aircraft operator and developed a strategy for increasing travel effectiveness while reducing costs. Formulated and evaluated options ranging from restructuring the flight department and renewing its fleet to contracting out the operation of the aircraft.

  • Assisted a fixed base operator to formulate a business development strategy for expanding its operations and customer base to include a larger mix of jet aircraft. Helped the client evaluate options for achieving the desired growth. Identified business processes that required modification to support the projected growth and expansion.

Market Studies and Forecasts

  • Prepared a worldwide market study and five-year sales forecast for an aircraft manufacturer’s entire line of business jets. Estimated sales and market share for all aircraft and recommended marketing strategies and procedures to increase market share.

  • Completed a market study and ten-year sales forecast for new jet aircraft produced by a business aircraft manufacturer. Employed focus group methods to obtain primary market information. Covered world markets, with major emphasis on the US market.

  • Conducted a comparative analysis and market survey of advertising and its effects on the business jet market for a business aircraft manufacturer. Study encompassed methods and media of advertising, emphasis on features and attributes, marketing channels, etc.

  • On behalf of an aircraft manufacturer, surveyed existing and potential seaplane operators in North America, Central America and the Caribbean to determine their requirements for new aircraft and their potential interest in acquiring a new amphibious aircraft about to enter production.

  • For a fixed base operator, prepared a five-year forecast of world-wide maintenance, repair and overhaul expenditures by business aircraft operators, broken down by airframe, engine and avionics expenditures for each of several categories of aircraft.

  • Evaluated an equipment manufacturer’s market posture as viewed by major airlines preparing to select new avionics equipment for their aircraft fleets. Assessed relationships between client and airline organizations and recommended actions to qualify client as a potential supplier, leading to successful launch of product.

  • Assessed the market for general aviation airborne telecommunications systems and the equipment manufacturer’s position in that market, recommended strategic and tactical measures to increase sales and revenues, and forecast likely sales of the various products for several potential market development scenarios.

Feasibility Studies

  • Conducted market research and developed financial projections to identify potentially viable locations in support of the expansion strategy of a fixed base operator. Two new airport locations were opened as a result of the research findings.

  • Assisted a fixed base operator to evaluate the feasibility of an aircraft painting facility. Forecast likely demand, analyzed technology and process options, interviewed existing operators to identify best practices and potential problems, estimated costs and benefits, and prepared an implementation program.

Business and Asset Appraisal

  • Reviewed maintenance records and current condition of several B767 aircraft from three different operators as input to a US national airline’s process of evaluating available aircraft for acquisition and integration into a newly-established B767 fleet.

  • Conducted a diminution of value appraisal of a damaged business jet aircraft on behalf of its corporate operator and owner.

Aircraft Selection and Use

  • Analyzed mission requirements, aircraft capabilities and aircraft operating and capital costs and developed a fleet plan for the corporate aviation department of a major pharmaceutical company.

  • Analyzed the requirements imposed by a business aircraft operator’s proposed missions, compared the requirements with the capabilities of the aircraft available in the marketplace, and recommended the most appropriate aircraft to satisfy the client’s needs.

  • Assessed the potential viability of employing the business aircraft of a state aviation department in a shuttle service. Used motor pool and air service travel data to forecast demand, estimated operating costs and charge-backs for various load factors, designed an employee survey and prepared operational recommendations.

Air Service Development

  • For an international airport, performed market research and air service development initiatives involving passenger forecasts, aircraft selection, and cost, revenue and profitability forecasts. Developed and presented market proposals complete with schedules and forecasts to senior executives at six airlines.

  • Worked with a local consultant to assist an Asian airport authority to plan the development of a new air logistics center and foreign trade zone on the airport.

Management Recruitment

  • Located, interviewed and recommended candidates for the positions of Director of Operations and Director of Quality Assurance for a US national airline.

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