Mr. Morris has worked for 30 years with carriers, manufacturers, shippers and service providers in aviation, transportation and related industries in both the public and private sectors. He has completed assignments involving strategic planning, operational improvement, capacity expansion, market research, and organizational and operational restructuring. Prior to his current position, he was a vice-president in the transportation practice of the international consulting company Arthur D. Little. The following are typical of assignments completed successfully by Mr. Morris:
  • Developed and documented procedures for a restructured maintenance control center of a rapidly growing US airline. The procedures were designed to enable the maintenance control center to function as an integral part of the airline’s system operations center. The documentation included flow diagrams to facilitate comprehension and training.

  • Analyzed the market demand, technical requirements and financial feasibility of a proposed aircraft painting facility for an expanding maintenance organization serving the corporate aviation market. The positive evaluation resulted in a decision to proceed with the project.

  • Surveyed seaplane operators in North America and the Caribbean to determine the potential demand for a new amphibious aircraft.

  • Prepared a five-year forecast of world-wide maintenance, repair and overhaul expenditures by business aircraft operators, broken down by airframe, engine and avionics expenditures for each of several categories of aircraft.

  • Assessed the market for airborne telecommunication systems, recommended strategic and short-term actions to increase sales and revenues, and forecast sales and revenues for current products of a supplier of airborne telecommunications systems and services.

  • Assisted a fixed base operator to reformulate its corporate strategy for expansion into new maintenance and modification services and to define and launch the initiatives required to achieve the strategic objectives. Developed project management tools that have been successfully employed to monitor progress and maintain momentum.

  • Assisted the United States Postal Service to develop enhanced information systems for mail transportation management, including a network operations center, vehicle and container tracking systems, and a mail reservation system employing electronic data interchange to improve the assignment and dispatch of mail to airline flights.

  • Evaluated the Interdistrict Transportation System of the Federal Reserve System, an overnight air network with four regional hubs used to transport checks and other materials among Federal Reserve offices. Analyzed the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing network and recommended structural and operational improvements that were successfully implemented.

  • Assisted the United States Postal Service in the operational design and preparation of solicitations for aviation and terminal handling services for a restructured overnight air network and sort hub. Specified in detail the aviation and air terminal operations and the management structure to ensure the effective interaction of the contractors providing the two services.

  • Conducted a due diligence review and analysis of the operations and market aspects of two international air cargo and courier companies as input to acquisition decisions. Advised against one and in favor of the acquisition of DHL by JAL and Lufthansa.

  • Formulated a strategy for attracting air cargo express carriers and assisted in the preparation of cargo facility development plans for the new Chek Lap Kok airport in Hong Kong, considering the operational requirements of both passenger and cargo carriers. At least one express carrier has established a hub at the airport.

  • Reviewed automatic equipment identification (AEI) technologies and suppliers for application in the maritime, rail, and trucking industries, with emphasis on container and rail car tracking. The implementation of the system revolutionized the tracking and control of transport containers.

  • Investigated the potential viability of providing logistics and distribution services, including freight forwarding, value-added warehousing, trucking and other activities in support of line haul operations for an international airline.

  • Assisted the corporate logistics department of a large decentralized manufacturing company to coordinate divisional transportation require-ments, prepare solicitation documents, establish evaluation criteria and negotiate multi-division contracts with selected carriers, improving service and saving millions of dollars annually.

  • Determined the most effective approach to the management of inbound air, truck and rail transportation for a large automobile manufacturer, enabling the company to avoid proposed changes that would have reduced operational efficiency.

  • Analyzed operations, costs, and benefits and evaluated the economic and organizational feasibility of acquiring and operating a portion of the Argentine railway system, via a government privatization program, for a private investor.

  • Analyzed operating and capital costs and determined user charges adequate to cover the costs of airports, ports, and high-ways in Saudi Arabia.

  • Managed the preparation of a 15-year plan for the development of the transport sector in Costa Rica for airports and air services, railways, ports, highways, waterways, and an inland cargo terminal. Prepared traffic forecasts, analyzed capital and operating costs, evaluated project costs and benefits and prepared investment programs, and addressed regulatory and financing issues.

Mr. Morris holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University and a B.S. degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Tennessee. He speaks and writes Spanish fluently. He is a member of the Wings Club of New York, the Council of Logistics Management, the Transportation Research Forum, the Institute of Industrial Engineers, and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.



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